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Interested to send your guests to Bhutan? Keen to offer your guests an awesome travel experience? Looking for a reliable link to Bhutan? Sha Adventure, a tour company founded by a seasoned Tour Leader with 25 years of experience, is there for you to meet your expectations. Link with Sha Adventure and create a thrilling and memorable travel moment for your clients. Trust, quality service and customer care is our guiding values and practice.

Take advantage of the special discount incentive of USD 65 per person per day to visit Eastern Bhutan. Visiting Bhutan without relishing the fascinations of Eastern Bhutan where the genuine Bhutanese lifestyle still thrives is a missed opportunity. So, travel to Eastern Bhutan and savor the charms of unexplored trekking, historical and cultural escapades, great scenery, textile highlights and pristine natural wonders. Just contact Sha Adventure and we will ensure that your Eastern Bhutan experience is regal and memorable.

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Why Sha Adventure?

Visiting Bhutan with Sha Adventure is relishing the unexplored typical characters of Bhutan interwoven in the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Having worked over 25 years in travel industry the proprietor of Sha Adventure has the knack to design itineraries to suit your interest. Sha Adventure will take you to the heart of the villages where you can see, feel and savor the true living folk culture and tradition of Bhutan. It is an opportunity for you to understand the true meaning of Gross National Happiness. Your take away will be a new perspective on life and purpose of living. This is why you should visit Bhutan with Sha Adventure.