Welcome to Bhutan

Visit Bhutan with Sha Adventure, your personal connection in Bhutan. You are interested to send your guests to Bhutan? To offer your guests a different travel experience. You are looking for a trusted connection in Bhutan? Or like to book directly?

Sha Adventure, a tour company founded by a seasoned Tour Leader with 25 years of experience is here for you to meet your trust and expectations. We organises three to four family and private tours per season. Sha Phurba, the founder of the company, will guide every tour by himself, with passion, commitment, and wholesome personal care. Relish a memorable sojourn in Bhutan with Sha Adventure.

Travel with Sha Adventure to savour Bhutan beyond the usual package tours. We are flexible and offers the opportunity to plan your or your guest’s tour collaboratively to cater to your needs and interests.

Sha Adventure is daily offering spontaneous surprises and excitement. Visiting Bhutan with Sha Adventure is to be emotionally elated, relishing culinarily variety, enjoying thrilling traditional sports and games, savouring flora, fauna, and cultural highlights or highlights off the beaten path. We also cater luxury treks, deluxe camping with bird watching tours or mountain biking trips beside regular mid- or high-altitude trekking.

Sha Adventure is guided by principles of Trust, Quality, Exclusive services, and Wholesome personal care and Flexibility.

Our Priority is Your Well being and Safety.

We are together designing a personally rewarding and exclusive travel experience, beyond the usual site visits. Sha is here for you.

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