Rukha: meeting the ancient inhabitants of Bhutan

The inhabitants of Rukha village claim to be one of the earliest inhabitants of Bhutan. They have a unique dialect called Olep, practiced animism and hunting was the main means of their livelihood. Today, of some hundred people, there are only three who can speak their dialect (Olep). Now, farming and livestock rearing has become the mainstay of their livelihood.

Visiting Rukha is therefore an opportunity to get immersed into the rustic side of Bhutan and meet the people whose language and folk culture is at the threshold of dying.

While in the village you can also visit ancient sites where animistic offerings were made, get a feel of smoking local fish and weaving bamboo containers, among many other excitements.

Note: Sha Adventure has included Rukha among its places to visit mainly to help the people help revive their ancient folk culture and language. It is an opportunity to leverage culture to boost the economy of these vulnerable group of people. If more tourists visit their village they will promote their culture and language seeing it as a source of income. Choosing to visit Rukha is an opportunity to contribute towards reviving a dying dialect and folk culture.

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